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Do you like gardening? I love it! I can pick vegetable, fruit and herb right out of my garden and enjoy the vibrant freshness in my meals. Not only that, but also gardening helps me ground, feel Mother Earth so tangibly and see the power of manifestation right in front of my eyes. I plant seeds in the ground, take care of them with love, water and sunlight and enjoy watching their fruits getting ripe - the flow of manifestation.

I drew it in this mandala: the sun in the middle, green diamonds as seeds, pink V-figure as our hands, blue dots as water and flowers at the edge of the circle.

Take a moment with this mandala, absorb its energy and manifest your dream!!

Size: 8.5" x 8.5"
Hand drawn with gel pens on heavy artist quality black paper
Technique: Stippling (drawing with dots)
* Each and every dot is a particle of energy to me!