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Usually, some images or designs come to me through my dreams before I draw a mandala. I use the images as a main design of a mandala once I start to draw. Then, I title it.

This time was totally different than the usual process. I really wanted to draw Pachamama, the Great Mother Earth, or I should say Earth Mother. She resides in all the elements, earth, water, fire and air. She created Earth with the moon and the sun. Some people symbolizes her as a dragoness as well. Even though I wanted to draw her so badly, I had no idea where to start. So, I researched on her a little. Still no idea. I meditated on her, but same result, no clue. So, I started to draw anyway by drawing a big circle on my sketchbook with a compass. Then, all of a sudden, I knew what to do next, and next, and next. I was feeling her powerful energy of creation, nurturing and her Divine Feminine energy as I was drawing. Also, I started to see each shape I drew in the mandala represent each element, too like solving a puzzle. That was quite an experience of creation!

I hope this mandala touches your heart as well.

With deep gratitude,