Rising Above Challenges

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Rising Above Challenges

When I was watching a video about Kobe, Japan where a big earthquake hit in 1995, this mandala came to me.

When the earthquake happened, so many buildings, roads, highways... everything in the area fell down, fire happened here and there, and there were thousands of casualties.

However, in the video 18 years after the earthquake, everything was rebuilt, and people there looked so vibrant. I felt the strength and power of the people which we all have within. That made me want to draw this mandala. When the old crumbles down, the blueprint at the core starts to manifest in a larger scale with the power of oneness and transformation.

We all can use the power whenever we face our own challenges. Let go of the old, and allow the truth within to manifest. This mandala can be a great reminder.

Size: 8.5" x 8.5"
Hand drawn with gel pens on heavy artist quality black paper
Technique: Stippling (drawing with dots)
*Each and every dot is a particle of energy to me!