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Keiko Katsuta Fine Art

Sonoma, CA


Now, personal mandalas - INNER LIFE MANDALAS - are available!!

Through meditating on the person who wants the mandala, images of the deep quality of his/her power and gifts come to me, and I draw them into a mandala. You can use this mandala as a reminder of who you are and to help wake up your deep qualities.
Since they are personal mandalas, only the original works will be available.
For more details, please contact me through email.

Welcome to my site!

By growing up in Japan where all those Manga or Animations are so popular, drawing, or I should say 'doodling,' used to be one of my favorite ways to spend time when I was a kid. Probably like many Japanese in my generation, I used to love making my own greeting cards with my illustration. I'd never dreamed of that fun becoming a business, but here I am!

I would love to share my love and gratitude toward everything around me through my art work. If my work speaks to you, that would be my biggest pleasure.


*Some of the original mandalas and my hand-made jewelry are available on my Etsy store:

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Spring by Keiko Katsuta


Gratitude by Keiko Katsuta


Gift by Keiko Katsuta


A Young Tree by Keiko Katsuta


Right Before X'mas by Keiko Katsuta


Snowman's X'mas by Keiko Katsuta


X'mas Wreath by Keiko Katsuta


X'mas Ornament by Keiko Katsuta


Silent Night by Keiko Katsuta


Joyful Joyful by Keiko Katsuta