The process of drawing Inner Life Mandala

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The process of drawing Inner Life Mandala

Just recently, I received an order of a Inner Life Mandala - a personal mandala - from Stephen. The experience during the process was so amazing to me that I thought I should share it so you can grasp some idea about what Inner Life Mandala is.

I always meditate on each theme before starting to draw mandalas, then I make the designs and colors that come to me into a mandala.

So, as usual, I meditated on Stephen to hold space for the wholeness of him with an intention to let his deep qualities and gifts come to the surface. As I opened my eyes and looked at the paper, the main design in the middle (the snow-flake like part) immediately came in details. However, the rest stayed blur, so I had to take a pause for a few days.

One morning, as I woke up from a dream, a word "alchemist" popped into my head, and I somehow knew that the word was about his deep quality. So I sat at the desk and started to draw. After that, I didn't have to think or wonder about anything. My hands just kept drawing and choosing the pens and finished the mandala in a couple of days. It felt like to me that the universe gave me the right information and the right timing to draw.

I received a great feedback from Stephen when he saw the mandala for the first time. I think sharing it can tell you more about the potentials of Inner Life Mandala, so here it is:
"As you know, your art has been a real inspiration for me and your series Ė Spiritual Heart, Quan Yinís Healing and Into Oneís Highest was especially comforting during an intensely difficult period beginning this year. But I was totally unprepared for what I received on Friday.

The complexity and depth of what was revealed through this mandala has been a complete and total surprise. I donít know why it caught me so off guard, but I keep going back to meditate on the revelation and it seems I receive something new from it every time. I realize itís going to take me some time to really unravel all thatís hidden here, but one thing I do know for sure - there is far more to my inner life, my divine self and the purpose for me being here than I ever thought possible !

Thank you Keiko, I canít tell you how much I appreciate you and your gift in helping us see the better part of ourselves. May you experience all the hope, desire and true intents of your heart is my prayer every day."

I am so grateful to Stephen for this great feedback, allowing me to share his experience with you all and appreciating deeply the mandala. I am also grateful for being able to be a little help through my artwork.