My Inner Life Mandala

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My Inner Life Mandala

About a couple of months ago, I felt something deep inside of me awakened, and that started to make me want to draw my own Inner Life (personal) Mandala.

Usually, when I draw healing mandalas, the energy of the title like “Pachamama” comes through me, and its power amazes me. However, as I was drawing my own Inner Life Mandala, I felt just calmer and a little more expansive than usual, but not very amazing. I was a little disappointed, but when I meditated with it, and also, when I received a Craniosacral Therapy session with it under the massage table, the energy of the mandala came into my body, and my body started to align with it like updating a computer. A little tweaks here and there at the very deep energetic level. I had no idea what exactly was going on, but I just allowed my system to do whatever it needed to do.

Since then, I've been experiencing that my old patterns come to the surface to be released more often, my perception is also getting more expansive, and I feel I'm getting closer to my own truth within.